Attention: Coaches, solopreneurs and professionals who love
to serve but hate to sell

At last a STEP BY STEP System that tells you what to say to inspire and empower your clients so they willingly and cheerfully pay for what you have to offer.

Dear Big Hearted Business Owner,

Are you sick of endless conversations where people say “sounds great but I simply cannot afford what you’re offering” or “can I think about it” and you never hear from them again and each time you call they are never in?

And instead do you want to hear “Yes – how do I pay and how soon can we start”?
Then you’re in the right place!

But before we get to that ... take a deep breath and look to see how many of these statements feel true for you:

  • You don’t want to be pushy
  • You feel uncomfortable selling
  • You lack confidence when talking to prospective clients and fear you will be rejected
  • You feel uncomfortable asking people to pay you
  • When you do make an offer the typical response is “I can’t afford it” or “not right now”
  • You charge less than you know you deserve – which leaves you feeling resentful
  • You’re good at selling when people approach you – but the whole dynamic changes when you approach others – you feel like you’re “selling” to them
  • You are concerned about what others will think of you when you’re selling
  • You’re giving away lots of free advice but no-one is buying
  • You hate selling yourself
  • You’re unsure how to start talking to a “cold lead”
  • You feel embarrassed asking for money
  • You’re unsure how to close a sale and ask for payment
  • Whenever you ask for the sale you’re apologetic
  • You find it difficult to stay light hearted and have fun whilst selling
  • You don’t know what to say to prospective clients
  • You have lost your confidence as so many people have said “no”
  • You are concerned the prospective customer cannot afford it so you are scared to even make an offer

If you can relate to any of those statements, I know how you feel - I’ve felt every one of these along my journey. 

melina abbott cold to soldIn case you don’t know me, my name is Melina Abbott and I help business owners who want to make a difference, sell their services with integrity and ease – without being pushy.

When I decided to start a business I didn’t have a clue.  I knew nothing about business.  I spent a long time researching various options - the most notable being a restaurant – (fondue because I can’t cook!).

But start-up costs were huge, and having just 2 extra customers a week was the difference between a profit and loss at the end of the year.  And although I had worked as a waitress whilst a student at university, I didn’t know anything about the restaurant trade!

Plus the reason I wanted to start my own business was to spend more time with Hamish, my little boy – who was then just two.  I figured with a restaurant I would probably have LESS time not more.

So it was back to the drawing board!  But what?

And you know how sometimes you are guided to take the next step – however small it seems? 

I was finishing off work for the week – I worked full time as Sales and Marketing Manager for a small manufacturing company – and was clearing my in-box ready for Monday morning.  There was a magazine which I looked at and was about to throw away un-opened when a little voice in my head told me to be diligent and review it – “just in case”.  Wow talk about turning points.

In that magazine there was an advert for a business start-up show happening the very next day – 2 hours away from my home.  I persuaded my husband that we should go (taking Hamish in his buggy).

At that event I heard a sales and marketing consultant speak, and they were looking to recruit more consultants.  I was so excited – this seemed to be the very thing I was looking for.  Because although I was working in sales and marketing I didn’t feel I knew enough to set up on my own.

But it was a BIG investment – and that was really scary.  Could I do it? 

Would I be able to make it work?  But in my heart I knew it was right for me – so I took a deep breath and stepped up.  I took out a bank loan to make the £18,000 investment, set up a limited company and registered for VAT.

I was still working full time and bringing up my 2 year old son.

Despite knocking knees and friends and family who thought I was crazy, I was very excited.  Finally, my financial future was in my control – I would no longer be dependent on a pay-check and a boss.

When the training materials came in a huge box I was blown away – I had worked in sales and marketing for 7 years and I learnt more in 2 weeks reading through them than I had in the previous 7 years I was employed.. 

And what I loved most about it was how practical it was – and how easy to implement.  If I’d opened a restaurant without this knowledge I know it would have been doomed to fail.

And best of all the strategies I learnt to get clients were the strategies I taught to my clients.

So I attended the first live training weekend, returned home having already booked a day off work the following Wednesday.    At the weekend I got intensive training on how to sell and get new clients. And the fastest way was to make cold calls.

So with my knees knocking and my heart in my mouth I picked up the phone and called some business owners.  I knew other people were successful when they followed the steps – so if I followed the same steps I would get similar results.

So despite my nerves, despite my fears I made the calls and set up meetings with prospective clients.
I got 2 appointments – Woo hoo.  It felt amazing – even though I was really nervous about the appointments themselves. 

However I had a system and a process which I simply had to follow – and I knew if I followed it enough times I would get clients.

Within 8 weeks of starting my business (whilst still working full time and bringing up a 2 year old) I got my first client.  And my first sale was the equivalent pay of 3 weeks full time work – for just 8 hours of my time! 
I was hooked and felt confident enough to hand in my notice at work. 

I continued to follow the process and get good results.

After several months I stopped being scared and started to look forward to sales conversations – because that meant more sales and an increase in income. 

It was also predictable - I knew that if I had 5 sales meetings I’d get 2 or 3 new clients.  And that just felt amazing.  I knew that if I needed to generate extra money I could do so simply by setting up more sales conversations. 

And best of all I could work the hours I chose, meaning I was able to spend more time with my little boy.

What I didn’t realise was that this was something other people struggled with.

And at the time I didn’t see myself as a sales expert.  I was a marketing consultant – helping small businesses get more clients. And for me this was all about seeing the potential in someone and where they could take their business.  It was about inspiring them to take action and make it happen.  And most of it was done intuitively (or so I thought).

It was only after I met a friend for coffee and was telling her how I’d just filled 9 places in a high level coaching programme - and generated $71,120 within 8 days - that the penny dropped and I realised I had a particular skill in sales.

And when I started thinking about it, I realised that I actually followed a process, and there were things I did in those calls that I did each and every time.  Things that if I missed them out meant I was short changing the client and they didn’t get such a massive shift – either during the call or subsequently.

And I recognised that I was actually drawing on ALL the sales training I had had in my 5 years of business.

And you know the great thing about sales? It’s a skill anyone can learn to get amazing results - it’s not rocket science. You don’t need special gifts to learn how to sell, you don’t need any special talents. You simply need to like connecting with other people and having fun!

I learnt it (and I was hopeless when I was starting out) – and I know you can too. 

And what I love most about it is – it’s fast.  You can go from someone never having heard of you to investing thousands of dollars in less than a week:

$5,000 within 6 days

Nadhira.jpg“Melina, I literally took this lady from Cold to Sold.  I met her at a networking event on Wednesday, she was drawn to me with my elevator pitch.  Had a conversation on Thursday.  Got back to her today (Monday) with the programme and she paid in full $5,000! 

Thank you so much.”

Nadhira Razack,

“Sold my first VIP program for £3,000 just 1 hour after Melina helped me design it!”

I decided to work with Melina as I heard she has a great reputation for helping people really step up their offers to their top end clients, and so rapidly increase sales and customer satisfaction.

However, I still was not prepared for how much she would help me step up! In our phone session she explored the transformation my clients were looking for, and how I could offer this ­ and then she pushed me to offer the support they needed to make this.

We came up with a program which was twice the price with so much more content and support than I was thinking to offer, and such a better program for my clients. I was flying overseas that night, so called one of my good clients as soon as I finished the call with Melina and she was so thrilled with the Private VIP Program I offered that she signed up immediately, and has not looked back

So I sat down and mapped out exactly what I did in those calls.  I broke it down step by step and really looked at what I did at EVERY stage in the process. 

And I came up with 7 steps.  7 steps that when you follow them, your ideal clients will say “yes – I want to work with you”.

So I started teaching these steps – and people got great results:

utalangley_Jan11.jpg"I just sold my first coaching programme £847 following your structure.  Thank you"

Uta Langley,  2 The Point Training,             

I sold two £15,000 coaching programmes in less than 3 weeks"

I had never tried to sell a high-end coaching programme using a Strategy Call before, so I found the telephone script provided by Melina really helped to structure the call. I altered it slightly to fit my programme, with the result that I sold two £15,000 coaching programmes in less than 3 weeks. Thanks Melina!

Nicola Bird,

And when I was reviewing the material a few days ago I realised just how valuable it was – and that by following these steps you will consistently get a 30 – 40% conversion rate.

So imagine what you could do if you could consistently generate all the sales you needed:

Never having to worry about paying those bills – knowing that you have the money there to pay them and if an unexpected bill comes your way will be able to generate the sales to pay it.

Being able to invest in yourself and get the mentors you need to take your business to the next level
The ability to hire the support you need so you can focus on doing what you love and what really serves your clients. 

More time, by focussing on what generates income, you’ll free up wasted hours of trying to figure it out alone, so you can spend time with your children or going to the gym ,or simply taking some time off. 
Imagine never having to worry about money again, secure in the knowledge that you can make the money you need to support yourself and your family. 

And best of all it won’t feel like “selling”.

I want to help you live your dreams and give you a STEP BY STEP System that tells you what to say to inspire and empower your clients so they willingly and cheerfully pay for what you have to offer. 

So I invite you to join me for Cold to Sold, a programme you can access immediately and start making money from this week.

You will learn:

  • 7 Steps to a successful sales conversation that has your ideal client say “YES” and be really excited to start working with you
  • How to feel comfortable asking for the money – and have your prospective client delighted to pay it.
  • The ONE thing you must NEVER to do in a sales conversation that will cause your ideal client to run a mile - and leave you wondering “what did I do wrong?”
  • Why most traditional sales training simply does not work for heart centred entrepreneurs (and how the ABC of sales will actually LOSE you clients)
  • The truth about what you must do and how you must prepare so you feel confident on every call – and how this alone will inspire people to work with you
  • The ONE secret you must know to  stop you coming across as “salesy” or “pushy”
  • What you must do in the first 2 minutes of the call to guarantee success (97% of people miss this step)
  • How to deeply and authentically connect with your potential client – get this wrong and they’ll never say yes
  • The one thing you must do in your consultations to ensure the RIGHT clients come on board (miss out this step and you will lose 50% of your ideal clients)
  • THREE things you must say to avoid “I want to think about” (even experienced sales people miss at least one of these)
  • How to DOUBLE your conversions so you get twice as many clients and double your income money – so you can spend LESS time selling and MORE time serving clients
  • How to handle objections such as: “I can’t afford it” or “It’s not the right time
  • The #1 thing that is sabotaging your success with sales conversations (most business owners aren’t even aware they’re doing it).
  • The TWO steps you must put in place to ensure your clients don’t change their mind after they’ve said yes (there’s nothing worse than celebrating and getting all excited about your new client only to have them pull out a few days later)
  • Plus the EXACT phrases  and questions that I use throughout a successful sales conversation


£20,000 in Sales
karenfootman_Oct10 cropped.jpg
“I'm so glad I purchased your sales success system – from cold to sold in just one call...since we last spoke I have made £20,000 worth of sales so far ...AND.I am trusting in more too (maybe today - just had a fab service call!). I felt so aligned with you when we worked together...So thank you!!!!”

Karen Footman just wanted to share with you a recent success as a result of your Cold to Sold programme.  I had a social media surgery on a Thursday, she said yes on the Monday and the money was in my bank account on the Friday.  It's just like those testimonials you read on those sales pages.  It's been a welcome confidence boost. Thanks so much for giving me tools to fulfil my potential.

Emer O’ Leary


Here’s how it works:

As soon as you register you will get instant access to:

  • 90 minutes of in-depth training where I walk you through the 7 steps to take someone from cold to sold in one call.  This is an mp3 recording which you can download so you can listen over and over
  • Complete call transcript - so you can model exactly what I say in your own sales conversations.  This wording and these phrases work each every time.  And if you need to review something you’ll be able to search for it quickly and easily without having to listen to the whole training over again.
  • Secrets of a Winning Sales Conversation – short, simple, step by step guidelines to review before each and every call.

Listen to the Master Class, review the material and go out and make sales THIS WEEK.

 “It Works”

Karen Revell.pngI saw Melina speak at a conference and immediately warmed to her. She was very successful in her business yet her story made me also feel that she was only a few steps ahead of where I was now and that I too could reach the same level of success without the hype and grandeur some others were putting across.

I initially invested in her Cold to Sold and Intuitive Sales programmes and for the first time had a proper structure around my sales conversations – and it works!

I’ve significantly increased my prices and have a better conversion rate than when they were lower. More than that she has taught me to listen much more to my own intuition and trust in it.

Karen Revell,  Corporate Escape Coach & Business Strategist,

So what's the investment?

I have thought long and hard about this, and oscillated massively on what price to charge. Because the thing is the ability to sell is the single most important skill you can learn in business.   It doesn’t matter how great your products or programmes are, how good a coach you are, how great your systems are – if you can’t sell them, you won’t be in business long.

I’ve spent $34,037 learning this one specific skill of how to sell in a sales conversation - not to mention the hours of practice where I’ve applied and refined it. 

So I know I could easily charge $997 for this training and it would still be great value – indeed just last night a good friend and business colleague told me I should charge exactly that.

And I really considered it.  But you see, if I were to do that – I would need to include a lot of other information, subtleties of the sales conversation – which frankly you might not need.  You see I want you to download the information, listen to the Master Class, read the transcript, follow the step-by-step guidelines and go out and make money next week. 

I don’t want you to attend a 2 day training, or a 6 week tele-class, and get overwhelmed with what to do when.

I want to give you specifically what you need right now, to have a sales conversation at the end of which someone says yes. 

So I have included EVERYTHING you need and no more and have decided to charge $197 for this training – that way it’s significant enough that you will take action on what you have learnt – but not so much that its way out of reach.


But before you decide, just take a moment and decide what this training could be worth to you?

If one person says “yes” as a direct result of this training what is the value of that sale?

What if 10 people say “yes” - what is that worth?

Think about it – because that is the value of this training for YOU.


100% - money back guarantee.

I believe this is the best $197 you will spend ever but don’t just take my word for it – test it out for yourself.  If within 30 days you apply what you’ve learnt and you don’t make at least $197, I want you to tell me and I will give you a full refund – no questions asked. I don’t want anyone to undertake this training and not immediately get a return on investment. So listen to the calls study the transcript – apply it to your sales conversations and if you don’t make $1,000 as a direct result let us know and we will send you a full refund – no questions asked.

“That was a great call. thanks. After the call I finally got cracking and emailed two old clients to see if they would give me some feedback on my programme designs, both said yes and the next day one of them called me and gave me £4,000 of business - yipee!”

lisafarr_Nov10.jpgI used a few of your questions yesterday in a sales conversation and it took someone from saying she didn't have the money to work together to signing up very easily and gracefully. Many thanks!

Lisa Farr, Inspired Marketing,


Without doubt the ability to sell is THE MOST IMPORTANT business skill you can learn – and I’ve condensed the exact steps you need to take to start making money this week.

So are you ready to join me and take people from cold to sold in just one call?

I can’t wait to support you.

To your Sales Success