You Already Know That To Get More Clients You Need To Be Having More Sales Conversations.


But How Do You Get Your Ideal Prospective Clients At The End Of Your Phone?

Give Me 90 Minutes, And I Will Give You A Step By Step Process To Get Over 90 People To Your Sales Conversation In The Next 30 Days - Guaranteed.

No Fluff, No Sales, Just Pure Training For A Full 90 Minutes

Dear Big Hearted Business Owner,

Let’s face it, getting enough people to speak to you about your product or service can be tough.  Where do you find enough of the right people to speak to in the first place? 

Before we get started, be honest – how many sales conversations did you have last week?

And, if you’re not making as much money as you’d like, I bet it’s because you’re not having enough sales conversations. 

2009 was a bad year for me financially (the year my accountant suggested I should give up my business because it didn’t make financial sense – ouch!).  But when I looked back and counted up the number of sales conversations I had had, it was 28 in the whole year.  From 28 sales conversations I could expect between 8 and 11 sales - and my prices were much lower back then.  So when I analysed it – it was no wonder I made no money.

The next year I had had well over 100 sales conversations by March – not surprising my sales tripled that year! As they did again the following year.

You see the truth is to get more sales you need to have more sales conversations.  Sound simple?  It is.

BUT ...

The good news is finding those people is easier than you think.  Get it right and you can have:

  • 103 requests for a sales conversation - in just 6 weeks  (including the Christmas period)
  • 74 leads from one advert costing just £20
  • 180 people sign up to your newsletter or mailing from Twitter -  each and every month
  • 5 people request a meeting with you  - from a mail shot of just 5 people
  • A direct mail campaign which generates a 40% response rate
  • Have 33% of the people you speak to you agree to meet with you from a cold call  - love it or hate it it’s a great lead generation strategy when done properly
  • 50 people attend a seminar when you’re just starting out (and don’t have mailing a list).

Each one of these results is what I have done personally.

And I will be teaching exactly how I did that during in this masterclass.

In case you don’t know me, my name Melina Abbott and I help business owners who want to make a difference, get as many leads as they can handle, then sell their services with integrity and ease – without being pushy.   I started my business primarily because I wanted to have the flexibility and the freedom to spend time with my young family.  

It hasn’t always been plain sailing – I faced many challenges, had my ups and downs but it has all been worth it – especially as in one week in January I did £25,790 in sales – more than my entire sales for the year in 2009! 

But to do this I had to have the right people to speak to - I could only do this because I know how to get leads on demand. 

And you can get them too - in less than a week. 

When I first started out I had no list, no contacts.  I started from scratch on Wednesday - I had my first sales conversation the following Monday.  And I wasn't super confident - indeed one of my mentors was concerned I didn't have what it takes when he first met me - because I was so shy and quiet.  But through imperfect action I became confident.

And, although I have tried lots of different things and launched several new programmes in my 7 years in business, well over 80% of my sales still come from one strategy – selling my services through a sales conversation.

But first you need to find the people to have a sales conversation with!  And as you can see from the results above I know a thing or two about finding people.

This masterclass is online so you can listen from the comfort of your office (or download it later).  During this one-off call I am going to share:

  • How to find people quickly – and have them say yes without you having to build a relationship over time first.
  • How to FIND and APPROACH the people who can afford to pay for your products and services
  • How to get all the leads you can handle even if you’re just starting out and do not have a big list 
  • How to find the right people when you’re just starting out and have no track record
  • How to get leads online – both online and offline
  • How to get the word out on a small budget
  • How to access the right people in sufficient numbers without spending all your time on marketing activities
  • How to approach JV partners/affiliates when they’ve never heard of you
  • How to make cold calls and have your prospect feel good about hearing from you – (I will give you the exact script to use which will make you feel good – even if the thought of cold calling fills you with dread
  • How to grow your list
  • How to gain the confidence to approach people by email, phone and in person
  • How to overcome invisible fears and blocks that keep you stuck and blocked
  • How to write an advert which sells

“Wow what a day, if you haven't signed up for Melina’s programme. Listen on. 4 enquiries today, last one a multi millionaire who could seriously transform our business. The magic fairy dust is working already. soooo excited.”

Nicola Cross,
Cross Accounting

** Special Bonus for Just 27 People **

You will get actual examples of all the successful letters, adverts, web pages which I have used to bring people to my sales conversation:

You will get copies of:

  • the marketing campaign which generated 103 requests for a sales conversation - in just 6 weeks
  • the advert costing just £20 which gets 40 - 75 leads each and every time it runs (and where to put it)
  • my tweets which get me 180 sign ups each month
  • my most success direct mail letters which consistently get me a 30 - 40% response rate
  • my cold calling scripts which get 33% of the people I speak to agree to meet with me
  • my brochure which resulted in 50 people attending a seminar (when I was just starting out)

Up until now people pay $997 to access this information – if you sign up today you will get it for free

However this is limited to just 27 people - so you will need to act quickly if you don't want to miss out.   

Once the 27 places are gone this special bonus will be removed from this page.  If you are reading this it means there are a few spots available.


This training includes:

  • Audio Masterclass where I will show you exactly how to get more leads than you can handle
  • Mp3 Call Recording so you can listen over and over
  • Complete call transcript - so you can model exactly what I say to bring people to my sales conversation
  • Actual examples of all the successful letters, adverts, web pages which I have used to bring 100's of people to my sales conversations
  • Bonus ticket to my next Rock Your Sales Live Event

So what’s the investment?

This is a detailed training call where I am going to be teaching you my step by step sales process for getting as many leads as you can handle so you can imagine I’m not going to be giving it away.  With the sales strategies you are going to learn I could easily charge $297 for this training and it still be great value – indeed my mentors have told me I should charge exactly that.

However my purpose in putting this call together is not to make a fortune – I want to get this information into the hands of as many people as possible so you can start profiting from it straight away. 

So your investment for this in-depth training is just $97

Pay in Full $97

I know that I am giving it away and that if you get just 10 more leads as a result of this training you will easily make that back (and with what I am going to be teaching you’ll get a tonne more than 10). 

But if you’re still on the fence rest assured it comes with:

100% - better than money back guarantee.

If within 30 days of the training call you don’t believe it is the best training you have ever had I want you to tell me and I will give you a full refund – no questions asked.  I don’t want anyone to attend this call and not immediately get a return on investment.  So listen to the call, study the transcript – apply what you learn, and if you don’t get at least 10 times a return on your investment (or believe you can), let us know and we will send you a full refund – no questions asked.


One bit of advice that I got from Melina Abbott was to say a bit more on the sign up box on what they would get.

Just checked list numbers and see that my list has doubled (now just over 700) from implementing that one tip.

Thanks Melina

Duncan Brodie

So are you ready to join me and learn how to get as
many leads as you can handle?

Pay in Full $97

I look forward to speaking to you soon.

Love and Blessings,