***Attention: Coaches, solopreneurs and professionals who love to
serve but hate to sell.***

Announcing an unprecedented opportunity to learn...

"Intuitive Sales- What Every Heart-Centered Service Professional Ought To Know -
About Selling With Ease & Grace
So You Can Make A Great Living Doing What You Love!"

(Without feeling 'icky' or selling out!)

Dear Big Hearted Business Owner,

If You Are Ready To Maximise Your Income, Get More Ideal Clients, And Have More Fun Than Ever In Your Business Then Don't Miss This Powerful Telecourse! Read on to join us and find out more!

...Now is The Time To Overcome Your Fear of Sales And Learn the Simple Secret To Guaranteed Success, Without Selling Your Soul!

Yes, sounds exciting right?

Then why is it that most entrepreneurs, coaches and heart-centred professionals never reach the full heights of their potential?

You may have noticed that despite the calling inside you to be, do and have more- and go to the next level financially- you are yet to experience the real rewards of all the hard work, development and investments you've made in yourself in your business... So what happened?

We'll get to that, but first...Take a deep breath and look to see how many of these statements feel true for you :

I know I could make a difference - If only I was given the chance
I don't want to have to think about money
I am experiencing success but I know I am holding myself back in someway
I am still not showing up in the way I know I could
If I had more money then I would be able to do X (go get the training I need, enjoy a holiday, take more time off, etc.)
I do all the 'right' things but am still not where I want to be
My hands shake or sweat when I ask people for money, and often times I lose sales because I am afraid to talk about payment and 'close the deal'
I give my services for free - or I trade my services in exchange
I've never enjoyed numbers... so I can't sell
I am not good with money
I procrastinate and avoid selling - I do everything other than pick up the phone!
I want to make more money BUT... (add your story of choice - "I can't afford it, I'm too old, I'm too young, I'm not experienced enough, I've got kids, I'm married, I'm single, I'm toddler/baby/grandmother/mother/brother/sister/alcoholic/ neighbour/divorce/law suit/ bad toe etc. etc. etc.")

We work pretty hard to find logical excuses for why we are not playing the bigger game we know we are meant for...and sent for, don't we?

Hi, I'm Katharine Dever and if you don't know me I specialise in helping big hearted coaches, trainers, mentors, healers, and other service professionals to stop struggling with blocks and fears around sales and marketing so they can make more money and get their gifts out into the World.

I want to show you exactly how I took my business from zero to over sixe figures in sales in just 4 months with a quick, simple and easy secret system that will change your life and explode your income, with my colleague Melina Abbott from Business by Results.

I want to share this with you, because I have a hunch that you are a lot like me.... you are a big-hearted and passionate person with a gift that you can share with others... along with a burning a desire to make life better for yourself, those around you, and the planet... that's why you got into business in the first place!

But you haven't yet got a real handle on the ability to sell, make a lot of money and truly value yourself in a way that makes you irresistable to your ideal clients. Am I right?

Well, don't worry, I am going to tell you exactly how to turn that around- fast.

Because that is exactly where I was just last year.

I didn't know how to speak about what I did, let alone 'sell' it to someone! As an intuitive, and a big hearted Transformation author & teacher I felt like sales wasn't something that fitted well with me- and that no one would want to pay for what I could do for them.

It wasn't until I learnt the secrets of Intuitive Sales that I was able to release the resistance in me, and allow myself to get paid well for my gifts and experience.

Like you, I had invested tens of thousands of pounds in my personal and professional development, in fact I continue to invest in myself at a h igher price than ever- but back then I had nothing much to show for it... really- I had maxxed out cards, loans and flop after business flop.

But, you know what- deep inside I felt a kind of hope, I still trusted that the Universe/Source/God moves in mysterious ways and that somehow I was being guided and this had happened for a reason. I believed that in starting from scratch-nada- zero- it meant that I would have the ability to help other sensitive folks like me- who had big hearts and a sense of purpose- but were in tough times - If I could just figure it out for myself first.

You'll be pleased to know that I did figure it out, with the help of sales expert Melina Abbott- and the results were truly beyond my wildest dreams...

£0- £100,000+ in 4 Months...What Was My Secret?

In just a few short months I had moved into a 3-storey luxurious home, enrolled on two 5 figure mentoring programmes, consistently doubled or tripled my income every month, took a luxury trip to California and Arizona to have professional photos taken in my new skin, and broke through the 6 figure mark in sales in less than 4 months. Here's me on the right celebrating that breakthrough on the beach outside my 5 star hotel in Malibu!

It might seem like a lot in a very short space of time- but I have to tell you, truthfully- it all felt pretty effortless, because I was following my intuition and because I knew the secret of Intuitive Sales: It can be this way for you too....

I'm here to share with you that you Don't Have To Struggle Any More... There Is An Easier, More Graceful Way To Authentically Make Money in Alignment With Who You Really Are.

But the real question is- Are you willing to let that in? Are you willing to put aside your cynicism, doubt, prejudice and fears about what is and isn't acceptable or what will or won't work for you and just open your mind and heart to let yourself truly transform your relationship with sales?

So, are you? Are you ready to really experience your full and true power, by letting yourself be abundantly appreciated for your gifts?

Are you ready to release struggle, stress, fears in favour of wealth, service and success? If so you need to decide that now, and keep reading.

because it's time to change all that- your heart desires so much more for you...

... and it's ok to want the things that you want, like-

- Your mortgage fully paid on a luxurious, warm and comfortable home- or maybe several homes in different parts of the world - where you feel safe, secure, and grounded in a place you belong and makes you happy;

- A lifeline of cash that comes in and pays off your debts, flowing in giant waves to fill up the holes left in your personal finances from investing in your business or website or personal development- Sidenote: (hey, no need to feel guilty or ashamed of investing yourself, it's not like you had a huge shoe binge for the last 5 years- give yourself a break, we all need to invest in ourselves to get where we are going, I have spent a small fortune on my mentors and continue to do so- but I needed to get the cash flow working in both directions!!)

- The ability to hire help, grow, and build a trustworthy team. Having a team is so important for our growing inspired & positive community building, but also so you have more time and freedom to visit places and people that you love, and be with your family - whilst serving your clients in ever -expanding ways. Support is absolutely essential to the success and expansion of your aligned business- without support you'd be better off having a J.O.B- and getting time to sleep! ;)

- Making A Difference Enough cash so that you can easily make substantial donations to your favourite charities andsupport the causes you care about in a much deeper, more abundant and more committed way. (When we are in 'survival mode' its very hard to feel generous and be able to show up in the way we really want to- as powerful agents of change, making a difference in the World, am I right?)

- Variety & Freedom- Experience more variety in your life, so you can work when you want with who you want and how you want- and enjoy the freedom to live life fully on your terms!

- More time - to travel, relax, be with your friends or family and have fun and excitement- because once you have the ability to sell with confidence you won't be short changing yourself and you'll be able to work less hours for more money!

- Flexibility - Not everyone likes to work conventional hours in conventional ways in conventional places- for example work at home mums need to choose their hours...some people like to travel and work from beaches on their laptops in exotic locations! Once you have the simple, clear and focussed strategy to use any time you meet a potential client you can be making sales in the most unexpected places- from women's groups to wine bars- But it won't feel or seem like 'selling' and you'll open up the ways that the Universe can support you!

I want to help you to live your dreams, so it's with pleasure I announce the first of it's kind - an inner and outer sales mastery system:

Intuitive Sales: The Heart Centred Approach to Making Sales Fast, Easy, Fun and Profitable - Without Selling Out!

If you are a coach, healing professional, trainer or heart-centred business owner then you are one of the people inspired to make a big difference, and live life on your terms. But here's the catch- The folks with the greatest creativity, passion and ability to solve the problems of the World are also some of the worst at sales.

I'm not going to sugarcoat this- if you are not making the money you need- to grow your business, invest in yourself, have the home and lifestyle you desire and contribute on the scale your heart wishes to, then something is up- and if you stay poor you are not becoming part of the World's solution but part of the problem.

Melina and I are using a unique method to help you change that...We have learnt alot about what to do and what not to do to make and keep big sales, and now it's time for us to share this with you.

We wanted to teach this in a way that worked on the inner and outer game- the art and the science if you like. I had mastered the 'art' part of this teaching, and I was sharing it with my clients with amazing results:

"Having hit a wall in my business where I was not believing that there was another place for me to go without selling my soul and losing integrity, I was fortunate to meet Katharine Dever. Just 10 minutes with her triggered a major breakthrough for me about the blocks I had created which were basically getting in my way of my next level of success.

Katharine has such a high level of intuition and understanding of how many of us are not just selling something, in fact we give a bit of ourselves in the service that we do. What I offer is an expression of my soul so needing to be in integrity and in alignment is so important to me as is being able to attract and work with the right clients. Because Katharine knows and understands all of this, she can, through her to the point and no nonsense clarity coaching and mentoring show you how you can (and must) sell to continue being in service and contributing solutions to make the world a better place now and for the future is needed.

Without meeting Katharine I would be doing well, but just in 10 minutes 2 months ago I have revolutionised and upped my game and am doing excellent! I recently hit a new sales in the excess of £20k and the best part is I get to do what I love most which is transforming the lives of others. I am really excited about Katharine's new programme and highly recommend it if you know you are still the 'best kept secret,' or you often think and fantasise about the number of people you could help if only they could find you. Trust Katharine as she will show you how to move out of your way and reach out to those who are waiting for what you have to offer."

Sarupa Shah

So I had a proven system that completely re-set my own ability to create wealth and quantum leap my income, and worked for others' too- But I was looking for someone who had mastered the science of this.

I wanted a 'strategy' person, who could show you step by step exactly how to makes sales and achieve a success rate with a scientific and precise proven system.

That is when I stumbled upon Melina Abbott. Not only does she sport a 30-60% conversion rate but she is one of the most grounded, methodical and detail oriented people I have met. She has a razor sharp specificity and a proven system that generated £44,465.00 of sales in just 8 days!

In fact she is a secret weapon used by some of the best in the business

So when we met for a coffee in our home town (strange 'coincidence' that we met online but happened to both be living in the same county ;)) we felt this incredible buzz when we both started to share how learning how to sell had changed our lives.

I was manifesting left right and centre and Melina had this methodical process that she could walk anyone through- I said- "we should team up because I know how many people can benefit from this- people who are skilled, and talented and have amazing intentions and dreams but are completely coming undone at the sales part".

The page you are reading is a result of that conversation! This is a VERY rare opportunity- we won't be repeating it and it's completely different to everything else you've ever read or heard about sales.

We want you to have your breakthrough, to overcome any residue of unworthiness or fear about presenting and sellling your offerings and thereby stepping into your success with ease and grace.

Once you learn this, it's an incredible tool that you will have for the rest of your life, to your personal and professional benefit.

YOU already have the other tools, the skills, the gifts and the intention to make a difference... This is the missing piece you have been waiting for

Here's exactly what you'll get:

The Art Of Intuitive Sales
  • The 'out there' approach to selling- if you don't do things differently you get the same result you've always got! Allow me to show you a few secrets of mine that are totally woo-woo but that really work!

  • How to overcome invisible fears and blocks that keep you stuck and blocked (I will be working with you on the course to literally FREE you from what has been standing in your way)

  • How to find the language to describe what you do- so that folks actually 'get it' and want it!

  • How to attract your ideal clients in spades

  • How to know your worth in every cell- and confidently charge it

  • The lost art of instant manifestation- what really works (and what is just pure nonsense)

  • Why SEX sells- but not in the way you think! ;)

  • What you must know about sales and soul in order to set yourself up for complete success

  • The subtle but powerful difference between your intuition and your fear- and how to tell them apart so that you can go beyond your limitations, ego and illusions of scarcity or rejection.

  • When to pull back, and when not too (Not knowing this could be costing you THOUSANDS!)

  • Keeping your integrity and be true to yourself and them- you'll discover how to trust yourself and your instincts so you sell more than you ever dreamed- and its easy!
The Science of Intuitive Sales
  • A step-by-step no-nonsense proven system to getting all the clients you want - when you want them

  • The practical ways to have your customers really wanting your services - and pay you what you're worth!

  • How to ask for the payment in a way that feels good and isn't pushy

  • What you really need to know about getting as many leads as you can possibly handle (get this right and you can generate more than 100 leads with one advert costing say £20)

  • How to overcome objections like a pro (this is completely different to what you may have learnt before)

  • All the templates, examples & low cost strategies you can use to attract a ton of enquiries - whether you are just starting out, or have been in business for many years

  • The mechanics of presenting what you do so that people want to buy it

  • How to create an attractive offer with speed and clarity

  • How to streamline your efforts to maximise your cashflow

  • How to double your conversions and ensure your clients make a decision that serves their highest good. 

As You Can See We Are Not Holding ANYTHING Back!

Here's a Recap of Exactly What You Receive When You Enroll In this Powerful Telecourse:

6 LIVE in-depth Training calls, each about 60-minutes long, taught personally by Katharine Dever and Melina Abbott so you can master the inner and outer game of sales!
1 BONUS LIVE 60-minute Q&A call, to get your questions answered personally by Katharine & Melina
PDF templates, checklists, and tip lists – you’ll be able to download these prior to each of the 6 calls so you can follow along
PDF transcripts of all calls – these will be accessible a few days after each call
MP3 audios of all calls – these will be accessible the day after each call, in case you miss a call or want to hear any call again
**Exclusive Bonus** FREE Strategy Session for the first 25 people to enroll!

Up until now you may have not resonated with the idea of sales or marketing for you and your services. It may have seemed icky, uncomfortable - even pushy. By the end of our course you will know the simple steps to take to allow sales to be easy, fun- and joyful and dramatically transform your income! You don't want to miss this!

The Secret Of Making Sales Easy- Or Your Money Back... What's My Affordable Investment?

What would this skill be worth to you? Remember once you know this secret- you have it for life and it never goes out of style, this teaching draws upon cutting edge strategies, along with ancient, timeless Universal principles that NEVER change, so this is not going to get old. What price would you put on being able to feel safe, secure and easily grow your business with joy and excitement? If you were to work with Katharine for a day it would cost you $10,000, her coaching packages are 5 figure investments, and Melina only works with established businesses and industry insiders at a considerable, bespoke investment on application!

At just $997 for all 7 calls you can access what up until now has been taught to the privileged few! That's less than $150 a call. I'd like you to know that by the time we're finished with you making your money back will be a breeze- and I mean that. If you're serious about getting your gift out into the World and making a handsome living then these are the secrets you'll want to learn to make massive quantum leaps in your performance, self-esteem and income!

We think this course is basically the best thing since sliced bread and we are so keen to help you go for it in your business and your life that we wanted a really too-good-to -be -true guarantee. This stuff changed both our lives, we know it can change yours,so we wanted to make this a no-brainer: so here it is people...

Our Personal Guarantee


We want you to not only be ecstatically happy in the knowledge that you've done the best thing for you, your family and your business, but also to make more money and enjoy the ride with us. If you feel that we have not exceeded your expectations then you have until the end of Call 3 to ask for and receive a refund in full, no hard feelings, no questions asked. We can't say fairer than that can we?

So Are You ready To Go From Self- Sabotage To Sales Magnet
by learning the Secrets of Intuitive Selling?

Give yourself this gift and get ready for more fun, freedom and excitement as you embrace your power, financial wealth and greater service in this simple, easy to follow program- we'll be here, holding your hand and championing you through the process- and we promise you won't get stuck or overwhelmed. Yes, there may be some new ideas and you'll want an open mind on this course- but it's going to be a lot of fun, and incredibly life-enriching for you! So what are you waiting for?

You don't need to book flights, hotels, transfers as this is a dial-in-course... Hey you can tune in from your cosy chair in your pyjamas! Just do whatever it takes to get yourself onto this course and absolutely accelerate your success and skyrocket your business...I promise you, you won't look back.

And just in case you wondered- our approach is totally aligned, feminine, fun and easy- we are here to make it fun and straightforward for you so that you can achieve massive success as quickly, easily and effortlessly as possible!

YES! I'm ready to commit to learning the secret of Intuitive Sales from Melina and Katharine

When I enrol in this special course I will receive:

6 LIVE in-depth Training calls, each about 60-minutes long, taught personally by Katharine Dever and Melina Abbott so you can master the inner and outer game of sales!
1 BONUS LIVE 60-minute Q&A call, to get your questions answered personally by Katharine & Melina
PDF templates, checklists, and tip lists – you’ll be able to download these prior to each of the 6 calls so you can follow along
PDF transcripts of all calls – these will be accessible a few days after each call
MP3 audios of all calls – these will be accessible the day after each call, in case you miss a call or want to hear any call again
**Exclusive Bonus** FREE Strategy Session for the first 25 people to enroll!


Click here now to enrol in the Intuitive Sales Telecourse for Just £697 (best value)

Click here for 3 monthly payments of £297

Don't miss it!

With Love & Blessings

Katharine Dever & Melina Abbott

P.S. You probably know that everything you want is outside your 'comfort zone' you probably already know that the reason you don't have everything you really want right now is because you feel a bit resistant somehow...let that go and take the first step to getting what you want. If you have any worries at all about the investment then all the more reason to be on this course!

P.P.S. What you are about to discover literally means the difference between a thriving business and a struggling one- You owe it to yourself and your clients to open yourself to this opportunity!

More Proof!

"In just a few moments of speaking to Katharine for the first time, she knew exactly where my challenges lay. To my surprise, she gave me some pointers and immediately everything started to shift to a much higher place. The last 2 weeks have been such an unfolding of higher energy, inspiration and growth that couldn't have happened without her. Katharine, you are brilliant and amazingly fabulous at what you do, thank you so much."

Hugs and love!

Natasha Abudarham
The 'Go Get It' Life Transformation Specialist

Katharine's unique ability is to monetise your gifts. She gives total attention to you in order to understand you and then uses her highly developed intuition and gifts to show you how to tap into your natural flow and earn money from that effortless place. She also makes learning funky and fun and includes music, dance, stories, hot seats, webinars, emails and a variety of methods to convey her important message.

I have leant so much and had fun too! I am absolutely delighted with the work Katherine has undertaken with me and know that under her guidance I will succeed in achieving all of my financial and personal goals and dreams. I have no hesitation whatsoever in recommending her to you if this is something you would like to achieve too.

Stephen Daltrey

"Thank you so much for an amazing reading. You are so easy to talk to and I really enjoyed listening to all that you had to say. It was obvious to me that you really are a pro at what you do and you knew exactly what you needed to say to me. You did not hesitate one bit and you seem to have a lot of information to tell me, all of which was right on and very timely for me to hear. You are such a delight and I really appreciate the time you spent with me. It was very powerful for me to hear what you had to say. I learned so much in just one one session with you. Thank you again."
Jacki Rose

My first result was to stop giving my gifts away and to exchange them for money adding value to my life and to the lives of people I help. I immediately got three clients who paid me. I have transformed from someone who has lived in their head from earliest childhood to trusting my heart and the universe to guide me. Now that is some transformation .....
Linda Curtis

Before working with Katharine I knew I needed a change but I wasn't sure exactly what that change should look like. I had neither the clarity nor the momentum to get where my soul knew I was going. Since taking the leap and working with her I'm now racing towards a fantastic future for myself, with new courage, confidence and strength. I've let go of what was no longer bringing me fulfilment and growth, and am now in the business of my dreams!
Susan, London

“I just wanted to say thank you for getting me to take your course all those months ago. I was a bit scared of the investment (as us therapists and known not to be the biggest earners ever!) which made me focused and definitely more determined to get the most out of your program and make sure that I moved forwards – and forwards I did. I really feel that I have a much clearer viewpoint of where I am going, what I want to achieve and importantly how I am going to approach it to achieve those goals. I am confident that by following ‘Melina’s holy grail’ that I will achieve those goals and more!”
Helen Goodall, Chi Holistics

“We both want to say is just how wonderful and useful it's been working with you on the marketing. We’re both so happy with the work you've done for us and it's really, really going to make a difference to how we promote Renaissance and our courses. I've gained so much insight and knowledge about the world of marketing and advertising and how we can apply it to our business. You've been a great resource for us and I don't think we'd be in such a clear and strong position without all our advice and support. I also want to thank you for being so committed to us as your clients and for really working so hard and being so creative with the brief you were given.”
Elinor Martell, Renaissance Arts Retreat France

“We realised we needed to do something to generate more sales and started working with Melina. She made us think again and look at our business critically – particularly focusing on the way we presented ourselves. We implemented a Unique Selling Point and the number of orders we had went from about 2 weeks work to 5 – 6 weeks work – at a time when other window companies were really suffering.

There is no doubt that the work we did has had a big impact on our sales including a very successful Open Day which generated over £250,000 in sales.”
David Wilde - Mid Wales Windows and Conservatories

“What is outstanding about Melina is that she really ‘walks her talk’ – she does what she tells other people they can choose to do. She gives such good value, never ceasing to help you to achieve better results and provides snippets of really valuable information in with the core practical advice. She will undoubtedly help your business to be even more successful than it is. “
Penny Vingoe - Learn to Learn

Melina really helped open our minds and point us in the right direction. She has given us invaluable marketing advice on ways to both increase repeat business from existing clients as well as attract new business. We now have a much better understanding of marketing and know what works for us. We have been able to considerably reduce our spend on advertising because, through monitoring it, we discovered it wasn’t paying for itself."
Angela Paddock, Paddock Electrical

“I loved your marketing course –it was excellent value for money. I am now much clearer and less stressed when it comes to marketing. We’re definitely seeing results. I particularly appreciated all your help and support. Prior to working with you, marketing was daunting and I was constantly trying to reinvent the wheel. Now I am much less daunted and have a clear action plan for growth”
Jane Quinn, Safes (UK) Ltd – www.safeinternational.co.uk


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